New release from Singer-Songwriter Henrik Volf.

Words of Henrik Volf

My story

I have released my Volf Collection, It It – So Far. 35 songs from the first 35 years.

It is also a selection of my musical digital diary. And based on the songs. And the things they created. And did to me. As a young musician. And now as a mature man who still has the same unease and creator urge in me. I never get rid of it. The lust. That to create.

The next lines are a bit about why and how I got started. But in reality, it could all boil down to one word: CREATURE.

I write, hum and play all the time. Occasionally I go to the studio with the ideas. But the most fun is the creative process. To create the song. Over the table. With guitar and pen. Where words and sounds hit each other. That’s the biggest thing.

I have now released a total of 139 songs as a composer and copywriter. Distributed over 37 releases between 1984 and 2019. Either as single, EP or album. And since 2009 as digital media. I debuted in 1984 with the single, Venter Du Still, with the band Crew, and the single paved the way for what was then called Radio Herning and Radio Ikast, and the various local writing media. And actually brought me beyond the regional borders as well. Actually P3´s Leif Wivelsted called me up for a direct interview on Danish Radio. Great in every way.

I even financed the recording of my debut album, Waiting You Still, with some money I inherited from my grandmother. Money, which was really aimed at a slightly larger and longer education, from the academic point of view. I spent the money on musical instruments and recordings. Like a dog that got a piece of raw meat eaten. They were gone. But I was where I wanted to be. And, as my father put it: – After all, you got something out of the money. And where did he get right though. They kicked me to that extent. The B side of the single came to be called Nu I Nat. And then I was really serious.

I went solo in 1989 with my upcoming and greatest commercial venture to date: Walkin ‘That Road. The album, which took 3 years to record, was released on the record label Iceberg Records in October 1992. I invested the whole store and jumped out as a professional musician in 1993.

The rest is history. My story. Until now. That’s It – So Far.

Kiss & loving greeting Henrik Volf

Tracklist: Jeg Gi´r Op, That´s It, Lige Her, Du Er Jo Lige Her, September, Blåt Blod, Fru Jensen, Hvorfor, Sammen Vi Står, For Sent, Wild World, Syd For Søndervig, Du Kan Få Mig, D. 22. December, Liv, Du Som Er I Himlen, Som Drenge De Gør, Købmand Af Kærlighed, Taken My Breath Away, Hey There Little One, Når Vinden Suser Over Midtjylland, Vi Ses, Når De Siger Farvel, Et Lille Øjeblik, Blind Passager, Det Allersidste Stik, On The Road To Fame, Go My Way, For You, Walkin´That Road, Stay Forever, Woman Of My Life, Søvngænger, Stjernenatten & Venter Du Stadig.

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