A very Merry Christmas to you from the “Stars and Promises” tour. We wanted to bring you up to date on the Symphony by the Sea bundle that many of you purchased in Key West or have pre-ordered online! WE ARE GETTING ONLINE NOW!

For those of you who are hearing about it for the first time, this is a live recording of a two-hour concert with special guest stars: Mac McAnally, Nadirah Shakoor, Eric Darken, Mike Utley, Tina Gullickson, and the wonderful band I get to play with each night.

To top it off, for the first time in Key West, we were privileged to play with a string quartet that night. Music production is now complete, mastering is complete, and it is off to the manufacturers to prepare for you.

Our job is to do our very best to get this to you in time for Christmas, whether it be a gift for someone you love, or you simply want to conjure up memories of the wonderful time we had with music and friends in Key West in early November.

Our goal is to ship these out on or before December 20. Hang tight, we are on it, and we’ll be in touch with you with updates.

Thanks for listening!

– Peter Mayer

We had a great week at MOTM, thanks to Andrew Talbert and the whole PHIP crew for inviting us down once again. They all worked hard to make this one of the best weeks and finest lineups of talent I can remember, including procuring a string quartet to join us on stage for our set! Thanks to Mike Davis, Beth Estes, Terry Lederer, Patricia O’Reilly – our whole Little Flock Music Team, along with special guests and stars of the Mini Mart, Andy and Cappy Harrell, who put on capes and came in and did a fantastic job running all the logistics for merchandise for us this year. Many thanks to you all!
I mentioned we got the chance to play beachside with a string quartet, and the best part is, we have captured all this music in a live recording of that night including Coral Reefer guests –  Mac McAnally, Nadirah Shakoor, Tina Gullickson, Robert Greenidge, Mike Utley and Eric Darken; and of course the fantastic musicians who make up the Peter Mayer Group – Chris Walters, Brendan Mayer, Zeb Briskovich and Miles Vandiver. Highlights of the night are song favorites like “India,” “Suzannah” and “Faith In Angels” performed with a string section, and it doesn’t stop there!

Mac performs two of his classic songs with the strings, Nadirah Shakoor lends her beautiful voice to the mix and Brendan Mayer does a solo version of “Witchita Lineman.”

All of these sounds and the energy of a perfect Key Western night come together in the album “Symphony by the Sea.” It is in production right now and we look forward to getting it out to all of you who ordered your copy in Key West.

What’s that?… you didn’t get a chance to order it? Well, have no fear, details are below if you’d like to put your hat in the ring to get your “Symphony by the Sea” bundle.

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