Six tanned Danish musicians within folk, rock and country genre have joined forces in a new and exciting musical constellation. The Land Band plays catchy and atmospheric country rock.

Sweet Band & The Land Band

The large and mythological text universe is written by the band’s 7th member, the external copywriter Peter Ole Pedersen and the music was composed by singer Christen Brunsgaard.

The debut release “LAND” is on the street on June 7, 2019 together with the single “A Perfect Place”, which is published the same day.

The mood of The Land Band music sets the listener to the dusty, open plains and endless desolate country roads in the United States which also form the backdrop to the video that comes with the single.

A Perfect Place

The Kim for the band was then also added when copywriter Peter Ole Pedersen was on a road trip across the USA’s second largest state of Texas. Here, he began to pause with the texts of the songs that make up the current debut album “LAND”, where the beautiful American landscape forms the back drop for the soulful texts. – The text on “A Perfect Place” encapsulates both the American people’s soul and the travel desire that flows through the entire people and lies naturally in their DNA. In addition, the text is loud and dreamy based on the inspiring people I met on my way through Texas.

The United States is a country full of contrasts, which I have tried to capture in the text, says Peter Ole Pedersen aka Sweet Pete. The publication evokes a musical portrait of the United States, where the dream has either run out or gone to a standstill. In evocative songs, the landscape becomes the scene of both the great history and the individual fate. The Land Band music is thus both a greeting to America’s alluring double identity as a dreamland and scare example, but also an original bid for Americana created by Danish musicians.

The Land Band consists of: Christen Brunsgård (vocals and guitar), Klaus Møller (lead guitar), Henrik Poulsen (bass), Tobias Lange (drums), Palle Hjort (organ) and Rasmus Forest (pedal steel).

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