A native of Belfast, Northern Ireland and a songwriter, producer and performer, Joby Fox is an authentic voice of post-conflict Ireland and renowned for his humanitarian work.

Joby Fox is a veteran of the music industry, starting in 1980 with The Bankrobbers who challenged the dark and paranoia in their hometown of Belfast which landed them a deal with EMI. Then on to other music adventures in London, always pushing the limits and sticking up for his war-torn home. As a native of Belfast, Northern Ireland and a songwriter and performer, Joby Fox is the authentic voice of post-conflict Ireland and a humanitarian activist.

​Although love is the drive there is much more to Joby’s songwriting than love songs.. His often hard hitting and honest words have paved the way for difficult conversations, challenged our identities and ideologies. A diverse artist with his roots firmly in Irish soil he has been involved in great international initiatives as an advocate for peace, and in 2015 he opened the inaugural UN Peace Festival in Hong Kong, and in 2016 he was musical director of the Orchestre des Refugies et Amis. Joby is also co-founder of Refugee Rescue, a humanitarian NGO providing life saving sea rescue at the refugee crossing on the island of Lesbos, alongside fellow artist and curator Jude Bennett.

Currently Joby is recording a new album of songs, and finishing his script for a feature film. Growing up through some of the worst atrocities in contemporary Europe in the 70s and 80s, Joby’s honesty and vision creates an edge that makes him a relevant figure in both the Irish and the international music and art scene today; Always searching, always evolving artistically. His work reaches deep into the soul of humanity and is always up- front and personal, drawing from the environment around him and his Irish musical heritage.

New Single “Stronger”

“Stronger” is contemporary folk-pop a la David Gray. Melodically strong and with a sensitive and present vocal that sets the tone for a solid earring. The song is about acknowledging the harshness of life and growing with it. To feel the love and the near for example in the middle of a pandemic that pulls teeth out. And then it’s about feeling a connection to nature and the earth and in that way becoming stronger – together.

Joby Fox grew up in the ghetto, right in the heart of Belfast. From a very early age he had to deal with unrest, violence and conflict. He has a long international music career behind him. Among other things, he has written Belfast’s unofficial anthem “Belfast”, which went number 1 in Ireland and has performed at countless venues around the world.

He is also known for his humanitarian work and has, among other things. opened the UN’s first international peace festival in Hong Kong in 2014. He started the NGO Refugee Rescue, which has helped save thousands from drowning.

Joby Fox moved to Denmark just a few years ago. In the beginning, he had a hard time adapting to his new environment and therefore spent a lot of time alone in nature, pondering over life.

”These last two years I’ve spent a lot of time on my own here in Denmark, in a strange and new environment, away from Ireland. I was often out in nature away from friends and family. The world had closed down and I could not go back to my old home and my old ways. It felt like a prison sometimes. And it felt like complete freedom at other times, away from usual routines, the bullshit of the city. I had to dig deep to cope, at first. Until I started to go with the flow, ”says Joby Fox.

The music video was recorded in the scenic area around Almind Lake by Silkeborg near Joby Fox ‘home. During the corona closures, this very place was one of his favorites, where he could relax and get a bigger perspective on life. The indoor footage in the video was shot in an old barn in the village of Lemming, where Joby Fox lives with her family. The video is produced by Adnan and Mathias from Unity Productions based in Gellerup, Aarhus. Mathias Kildedal is a videographer and is also responsible for editing. Adnan, who is the great personality behind Unity Productions, has often studied Joby´’s creative process in the writing phase, so it seemed natural to continue the collaboration.


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