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2 years after the international solo debut album “Extraordinary Heart And Soul” the singer songwriter Jan Rørdam is back with the new album “Stardust In Your Hands.

The album is produced and arranged by Jan Rørdam and the band, featuring: Nynne Hansen, Andreas Fuglebæk, Rasmus Zeeberg, Kaare Munkholm, Jon Bruland & Klaus Menzer.


Just as the songs on the last album, ‘Extraordinary Heart and Soul’, these songs were written together with Brian Patterson.

The album features Jan Rørdam’s Band –a professional and experienced Band of both older and younger musicians featuring Vocalist, Nynne Hansen who accompanies Jan on both backing Vocals as well as a Solo singer on her own composition, ‘The Boys in the Band’ –lyrics also written by Brian Patterson.

The album’s title song ‘Stardust in Your Hands’ is about DNA

-all that which we’ve inherited from our parents and their parents and family way back through time –which for better or worse, we pass on to our own children and they to theirs!

“Keeping one’s family from drifting apart is a concern I’m sure many of us share. Having personally experienced two separations, that nonetheless sprang from loving relationships, I would finally seem to have met ‘the Love for me’. After all the ups and downs of experience that would seem to have led me to a place where Love now seems to be working! As without doubt is the case, my past has had much to do with it all –feelings, repressed from childhood, of being both deserted AND loved, by parents who had little skills of communication –feelings that led a way out through music !” Jan explains.

“My 92 year old Mother, originally from Holland, has experienced a life as fascinating as it was tragic –a long journey of pain and remorse through which not many would be able to cope, let alone survive. Her 4 years of hell in a Japanese prisoner of war camp and consequent struggles from Indonesia to Denmark and from there to Holland. My sisters and I still, for better or worse, live with a legacy where she has both loved and yet, deserted us, leaving us with a fair share of self-belief and emotional scars.

What we hand down to our children from our personal ‘baggage’ is our own modified version, though with more nuances and hopefully, with a wiser vision – right here from out of our DNA in the genes we’ve inherited from all those in our past who did their best or worst, handing on their happiness, heartbreak, love or disappointment !

No wonder it’s not so strange that my own son declares, with a smile, how he sees himself as a third generation melancholic……..knowing full well how his parents’ and their families have also shown their own tendencies!

But then again, melancholy is often that sweet mistress who leads me in my music and there’s a fondness for her guidance. In fact, without her, Brian Patterson and I would never have produced these songs !” declares Jan.


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