From explosive equilibrium to helllessness. Then you have just a few of the extremes of the new EP from Troels Skovgaard. And sometimes the listener is further assured that it is possible to twist a whole life out of six strings – on one cut.

Troels Skovgaard proves this, not just on one, but on five new songs, where both soul, grief and sunshine flare up from every single musical millisecond.

Through previous radio hits, Troels has long established himself as a strong and expressive vocalist. This time, even more has been whipped out of the vocal cords; the saliva jumps from the gap, and the listener is greeted by a fluttering and at the same time sensitive vocal that carries on to the blues fire, so that it both crackles, growls and crunches in the ears.

Should a genre be thrown after this artist, then it will be something in the direction of Contemporary Blues. It is at least in that category that Troels has been honored several times in foreign contexts.

On the EP, the listener is greeted by a span within that particular universe. Troels Skovgaard thus surfs effortlessly and elegantly in and out between New Orleans-inspired up tempo, acoustic country atmosphere and rhythm & blues.

Troels Skovgaard is the driving force behind this release, and he is also the unifying force. Because he has chosen to invite a dream team of peers and playmates to the numbers. They play up to – and with – each other, and it swings damn well.

So sit back safely and spend 20 minutes of your time listening to what Troels Skovgaard has been doing throughout his life, namely damn good music!

Appearing on the EP:

Troels Skovgaard: Music, production and event
Mikael Roupé: Lyrics – except “Wash my Blues away” lyrics by Troels Skovgaard
Troels Skovgaard: El, and ak. guitars, lead and backup vocals, mandolin
Niels Ratzer: Drums, percussion, co-production.
Dan Rasmussen: bass
Michael Sunding: Organ
Ole Kibsgaard: Dobro, double bass, backup vocals
Peter Kibsgaard: Drums, percussion, backup vocals
Mikala Bosetti: backup vocals
Thor Backhausen: Organ
Søren Skov: Piano, keyboards
Stone Alarm: Add drums
Casper Dybdahl: The guitar, Fender Rhodes