The year of 2014 marks the long-anticipated release of Sister Speak’s debut album ‘Rise Up For Love.’ With two Grammy Award-winning engineers on the board – producer-engineer Alan Sanderson (Fiona Apple, Rolling Stones) and mastering engineer Brian Lucey (Black Keys, Arctic Monkeys), the album has received rave reviews by press and fans alike.

Led by Canadian singer-songwriter and guitarist Sherri Anne, Sister Speak combines captivating vocal melodies and rootsy guitar stylings with dynamic rythm and driving beats. After a five-year sojourn in Chicago, it was a Missy Higgins concert in 2007 that inspired Sherri Anne to no end to pursue music and set her on course. Within days she began to book shows, within months national tours – many without a car, which eventually landed her in San Diego where Sister Speak was formed. The vision – A collaboration of musicians in support of the expression of the female voice. The sunny city welcomed Sister Speak with a ‘Best New Artist’ nomination at the 2011 San Diego Music Awards.

In 2012 an injury brought Sherri Anne back to her homeland, British Columbia, where she rest in recovery unable to walk or perform live for two months – It was then that she wrote the majority of the ‘Rise Up For Love’ album. Upon her return to San Diego, Anne and fellow Canadian Lisa Viegas (drummer), fully delved into California‘s music scene, where they began to collaborate with current bandmates Tolan Shaw (vocals, lead guitar) and later Jacob Miranda (bass). Over the next year Sister Speak‘s rootsy-rock sound truly came to life and their debut album was born.


‘Rise Up For Love’ kicks off with edgy lead track “Chicago Dream”, the most widely aired track since the album‘s recent release. The story then moves into “beautiful, Americana-tinged harmonies and gutsy, soul-strung lyrics” with “Goodbye My Lover” and “Lady Love”. The grittier side of Sister Speak lets loose in “Mirror (II)”, followed by epic title track, “Rise Up For Love”. Sherri Anne’s softer folk side peers into solo track “Comin’ Back”, which carries nicely into “Mountain Song’s” bluesy slide guitar riffs. “Say You Will” is well worth the wait with a gut-wrenching vocal performance and driving rhythm section. Honestly’s catchy hooks and genuine lyrics give the album a sense of closure while leaving the listener longing for more.

Having toured nationally (over 100 shows a year), Sister Speak has opened for major artists Air Supply and Henry Kapono, and headined top venues throughout the USA. NBC recently named Sherri Anne one of San Diego’s top 9 rhythm guitarists, with the album being a “solid, riveting testament”. The year of 2014 brings steady touring throughout North America and the international release of ‘Rise Up For Love’.

More information at the official website.

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