Ron David Moore “The Vision’s Clear” (Warner Alliance 1992)

Track List: In The Book Of Love, I Give You My Word, Come Be A Soldier, Weary By Now, The Vision’s Clear, For Life, When I Didn’t Have A Prayer (I Had You), Secret Scars, Isn’t It A Wonder & You Can’t Take It With.

Keyboards: Smitty Price
Drum : Mark Hammond, Lonnie Wilson
Guitars: Brent Mason, Dann Huff, Jerry McPherson, Biff Watson
Bass: Gary Lunn
Percussion: Terry McMillan
Sax: Marty Paoletta
Fairlight Strings Arranged & Played by Carl Marsh
Background vocals: Bruce Carroll, Susan Ashton, Keith Moore, Ron David Moore
Background vocals on “Weary By Now”: Cedric Dent (of Take 6), Mervyn Warren, Joey Kibble (of Take 6)
Background vocals on “When I Didn’t Have A Prayer ( I Had You)”: Vince Ebo