If unimaginable musicality combined with the voice of an angel has a name, then the name must be “Claudia Campagnol”.

Claudia’s vocals are extremely powerful, but at the same time warm and soulful. She has a deep and rooted love for fusion jazz, but for a long time she has wanted to try her hand at other genres and step out of her previous musical comfort zone.

Ever since her debut album “I’m Strong” from 2019 (nominated for DMA Jazz in 2 categories), listeners worldwide have been fascinated by the ease and naturalness with which the music flows from the depths of Claudia’s heart and soul.

Claudia moves effortlessly between the coolest grooves and the most complex chord structures for the most beautiful, atmospheric full trouble. Her unique musicality in combination with fabulous vocal abilities seem to have no limits. This applies regardless of whether the fingers fly over the keys in a sparkling solo, or when her breathtaking vocal arrangements invite us on an exciting journey of musical discovery.

All this is wrapped up and presented in a masterful, clear and detailed sound image that makes the listening experience optimal.

With her long-awaited new album, Claudia Campagnol takes all this to a new dimension. “Right Now” features a collection of songs where Claudia takes us on an intense musical adventure that reflects the different genres that have shaped her artistic DNA.

1. Right Now (3:50)
2. Love You All The Way (3:05)
3. You Are On My Mind (3:37)
4. Everything’s OK – album version (3:32)
5. Eya (3:27)
6. Make Me Believe It (3:38)
7. I Will Be Your Love (3:58)
8. Confused – album version (3:04)
9. Dance With Me (3:20)
10. The Only One (4:01)

Vocal/Keys: Claudia Campagnol (all tracks)
Guitar: Carl Mörner Ringström (#4,7,9)
Søren Reiff (#2,3,8)
Bass: Andreas Hatholt (#1,2,3,4,6,8,9)
Laszlo Dancs (#5)
Drums: Jacob Hatholt (#2,3,4,6,8)
Niclas Campagnol (#1,5,9)
Horns: Michael “Millfield” Mølhede (#2,3,6,8)
Percussion: Eliel Lazo (#7,8)
Strings Kristof Jasik (#10)
Harp: Mathias Heise (#10)


Singer, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Claudia Campagnol is a unique talent with a broad crossover appeal and great international potential. At just 4 years old, she started singing and playing the piano, and she wrote her first song when she was 12.

Claudia was born in Budapest, Hungary (1987), grew up in Malmö, where she graduated from the Musikhögskolan, which belongs to Lund University, and she has since lived for several years in Copenhagen. Her debut-album “I’m Strong” was nominated for the Danish Music Awards Jazz 2019 in two categories: ‘Vocal Album of the Year’ and ‘New Name of the Year’ and has received excellent reviews and airplay worldwide.

Website: www.ClaudiaCampagnol.com
Facebook: www.facebook.com/ClaudiaCampagnolOfficial
Spotify: bit.ly/ClaudiaCampagnolSpotify
YouTube: bit.ly/YouTube_ClaudiaCampagnol

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