“I wanted to make a record that would fit in between the Eagles and Michael McDonald. Those 70s and 80s records that had all the top LA guys are the favourites in my vinyl collection so I knew if I wanted to listen to it, others would too. We had so much fun making it, playing in different studios, taking our time, experimenting with arrangements and stuff. I listen to it and smile. I hope you enjoy listening to it as much as we enjoyed making it.” – Adam Amer


Lead vocals, guitars and keys: Adam Amer
Drums and percussion: Seb Hankins
Bass: Jon Cox
Hammond organ: Joe Glossop
Backing vocals: Adam Amer, Pete Morris (4)
Lead vocals (4): Pete Morris and Adam Amer
Horns: Hooligan Horns
Hooligan Horns are:
Leo Richardson – Tenor Sax, Baritone Sax, Flute
George Hogg – Trumpet, Flugelhorn
Tom Dunnet – Trombone
Sax solo (1, 3): Leo Richardson
Sax solo (4): George Millard
Sax solo (8): Ben Mallinder
Guitar solo (2, 3, 7): Bobby Lamont
Guitar solo (6, 9): Adam Amer
Claps: Adam Amer, Seb Hankins, Jon Cox

All songs written by Adam Amer

Horn arrangements: Hooligan Horns
Vocal arrangements: Adam Amer
Vocal arrangement (4): Adam Amer and Bobby Lamont


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