For nearly five decades, singer-songwriter-musician, Randy Goodrum—whose new solo recording, Red Eye, released on June 19, 2020, on the artist’s own Clark St. Records—has dodged classification by refusing to be easily categorized.

On his first project under his own name in many years, Goodrum plays jazz piano with phenomenal skill and emotional depth, and returns to the captivating vocal stylings that graced his several previous releases as a leader.

Red Eye, which features songwriting collaborations with fellow keyboard great and co-producer/co-writer, Larry Williams (who also plays horns), spans several genres, with a pronounced leaning toward what Goodrum calls “Intelligent Pop/Jazz.”

But the dozen-song Red Eye only scratches the surface of Goodrum’s multitude of talents and interests: Over the years, the award-winning artist has also written hit songs that slot into pop, country, rock or no box at all.

Some in the music business have told him he’d be better off finding one thing and sticking to it, but the only category that Randy Goodrum has ever wanted to be a part of is the Randy Goodrum category. “Whatever it is, I want to do it my way,” he says. “That is the jazz ethic that I’ve always lived by, and still do.”