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Crazy Horse drummer and vocalist Ralph Molina is set to release his first solo album, entitled “Love and Inspiration”. Named as one of the “100 Greatest Drummers of All Time” by Rolling Stone magazine, he is best known for his decades-long work with Neil Young and Crazy Horse. However, Molina is a superb vocalist and songwriter in his own right, as evidenced by the album’s 11 self-penned tracks.

Molina’s musical beginnings were in local doo-wop groups, singing harmonies with friends in New York, and then in Florida, where he graduated high school. He later moved to California to sing with his cousin Lou’s group, which led to other musical opportunities. Molina joined Danny Whitten and Billy Talbot in the doo-wop group Danny and the Memories, which in the 60s morphed into a folk-rock act called The Psyrcle, later known as The Rockets. As the decade came to a close, the group renamed themselves Crazy Horse after playing with Neil Young. Although the band lineup has changed over the years, Molina and Talbot have remained as core members of Crazy Horse, recording over 30 albums.

When asked about his songwriting process, Ralph describes it as being akin to a puzzle, stating that the melodies come to him first, followed by lyrics. Once ideas start coming together, he states, “I do my best to turn them into what others can relate to…This, my first work, turned out to be about love and inspiration”. Molina gives credit to God for inspiring his work, and dedicates the album to departed friends Danny Whitten, David Briggs, and Jack Nietzche. Many of the songs were composed on Whitten’s old guitar.

Much like the artist himself, the songs comprising the album are unpretentious and insightful, exploring a full range of emotions. Molina is accompanied by a host of musicians from a range of genres. Contributing artists include Steve Crimmel, Kelly Clarkson, Barry Goldberg, Dave West, Tom Lackner, Phil Lee, Ian McNabb, Kent Agee, Josh Sklar, Mark Pont, Anthony Crawford, Victor Goodman, George Friedenthal, Greg Morrow, Bob Thiele, and John Philip Shenale.


Track Listing for Love & Inspiration:


Your Life is My Life Too

Dance on the Wind

You Wear an Angel’s Wings

I Don’t Care

Too Young to Know


Hopelessly in Love with You

Trash for the Dollar

Follow that Star

It’s Gonna Be Alright


For Further Information Contact: peter.holmstedt@telia.com

Facebook: www.facebook.com/Vapor-Records

Website: www.ralphmolina.net

To Order: www.ralphmolina.bandcamp.com

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