Quint Starkie’s new album Quintessential.

The album is collection of 12 songs in a west coast vibe. The musicians playing on the album include amongst many others…

Francis Dunnery (Lauren Hill, Robert Plant, It Bites)
Tania Doko (Bachelor Girl)
Toshi Yanagi (Jimmy Kimmel Show, David Lee Roth)
Dorie Jackson (Chris Difford)
Peter Jones (Camel)
Björn Fryklund (Nik Kershaw, Freak Kitchen)
Juna Serita (Matt Schofield)
Jule Wiegand
Lars Olsson (Ariel Posen)
Pete Whitfield (Robbie Williams)

Quint Starkie is an English musician originally from Accrington, Lancashire. After living and performing in Los Angeles in the 80’s where he played with many artists including The Supremes at Caesars Palace. He now resides in Stockholm, Sweden where he has had a very successful career producing and composing music for TV. After years of writing songs for other artists, in November 2016 he released his first solo album Ghost in My Heart. “2023 sees the release of his second album Quintessential. When not touring his own music, Quint is a member of UK prog band, It Bites.


Wow. Brilliant production and a genuine pleasure from start to finish. Ghost In My Heart was a great album but this is every bit as good and some. Buy it or miss out big time!Favorite track: Home Again.

Absolutely classic songwriting. Melodies to die for. Lyrics beautifully crafted. Don’t think just click, purchase.

Just writing to say how much I dig what you’re doing! It’s all there man….excellent! Wishing you every success!

“Cooler than cool.,Smoother than smooth.,Outrageous musicianship throughout.It can only mean the return of the incredible Mr Quint Starkie!

Quintessential is a beautifully crafted album

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