Peter releases his latest CD, “Passages.” This most recent work is a “songs of faith” album and is a follow up to his 2002 release “Stirrin’ Up The Water.” “Passages” contains 13 songs, most penned by Peter, including several instrumental arrangements of traditional hymns. As he describes in the liner notes:

New Album From Peter Mayer

“The songs within were born of water themes, from shadows, mountaintop thanksgiving moments, from answers and their annihilation. Their seeds have been passed on to me by generations who have been amazed by Grace, mystified by God’s presence, and that has wrestled with a life of faith’s daily labor pains.”  

An assembly of exceptional musicians contributes to the 13 songs. They move in a range from solo guitar and voice, to layered multi-dimensional pieces that gather around lyrics inspired by passages from scripture, poetry and the natural world. Peter Mayer’s “Passages” is due to be released May 14th.  Stay tuned for ordering info!