For the last six months, the group have been putting out a series of live videos from a recording session they did back in spring 2021. The songs now make up their latest album ”Megaburger”, marking the bands third full-length release.

The title track is Oscar Olséns first contribution as a composer, loosely inspired by a fast food experience in Finland.

The recording also features percussionist Jakob Stenberg Kain. With Olséns and Kains efforts, alongside the introduction of the EVI (Electric Valve Instrument), ”Megaburger” adds new layers to the Paradise League sound. 

”Megaburger” personel:
Oscar Olsén – guitar
Gabriel Dahl – bass, vocals
Ludwig Sievert – keys, synthesizers
Aleksi Ylimäki – drums
Joel Nyman – trumpet, EVI
Jakob Stenberg Kain – percussion (feat.)

Mix/master – Aleksi Ylimäki

Track list:
1. Intro (Nyman)2. Neon Galaxy (Nyman)3. Big City (Dahl)4. Megaburger (Olsén)5. Super Drum (Nyman)6. Game Boy Advance (Nyman)7. Acrobat (Nyman)