Page 99 was founded to keep the ideals of great West Coast music of the 1970’s and ‘80’s alive. Interesting chord progressions, sophisticated melodies, and top-level musicianship are values that should never be lost or diminished.

In the style of artists such as Toto, Boz Scaggs, Steely Dan, Marc Jordan, Kenny Loggins, The Doobie Brothers, Pages, Airplay, and more! In honor of the greatest era of studio musicianship ever known, we are Page 99.

Page 99 has its roots all the way back to the early 1980s when John Nixon decided he knew what he wanted to be “when he grew up”; and that was a music producer. Specifically, he found his final push or invitation when he first heard Toto IV, and then watched the Grammys Show later that year where Toto cleaned up winning multiple awards.

He knew for sure at that point that this was the type of music he wanted to make, and also it became clear what music production meant at the time; and how it was employed to raise the aesthetic character of any song recording.

This led John to a four year learning excursion at the prestigious Berklee College Of Music in Boston, Massachusetts. Here he was able to hone his musical and studio skills in an environment where he worked with other like minded musicians from all over the world. To his amazement, he got to know two people from Iceland, where he probably never really expected to even know one person from a world that far away. It was this experience and education that gave him the tools he needed to create music in a style he wouldn’t really even pursue until the year 2019.

Fast forward to 2020 and Nixon had already created 8 albums of electronic New Age music under the name 7and5, and had a ninth in production…It was time for a new challenge, and the discovery of the term “Yacht Rock” had taken a front seat in John’s musical interests. While working with sort of retro/country/soul band called The Overnighters, there were musical ideas emerging from Nixon that didn’t quite fit the profile of that band, so fellow “Overnighter”, Russ Fitzpatrick suggested they just record the music in whatever style it needs to be and “see where it goes”. Hence: Page 99…

Named partially for Richard Page (Pages, Mr. Mister) and Toto’s song “99”…the project began in earnest. Other musicians eager to stretch their musical muscles began to want in, and offered up their incredible talents to the mix.


For Imaginations Sake

P-Vine Records 2022

Tracks: For Imagination's Sake, The Only Thing That Matters, Lifeline, Indian Summer, Inside Voice, Dance With Me, Tickin' Away, Can't Stop, Never Recover, Sara (Restless Heart), You Owe It All To Love & For Imagination's Sake.

Musicians on the For Imagination's Sake album: John H. Nixon, Russ Fitzpatrick, Duane Harlick, Bill Salisbury, Colton Weatherston, Andrea Di Puccio, Carlos Severiche, Chip Kipps, Chase Baird, Bill Champlin, Tamara Champlin, Peter Friestedt & Paul Pesco.

Page 99

P-Vine Records 2021

Tracks: Fantasy World, Harmony, Sunrise On The Water, Nothing You Can Do About It, Finally Been Forgettin’, Show Me, September, Who’s Right Who’s Wrong, Must Be The Weather, While The Music’s On & Lea.

Musicians to the Page 99 album: John H. Nixon, Russ Fitzpatrick, Duane Harlick and others.