Alone and miles around

Vocal, an acoustic guitar and a foot in size 47. These are the few elements that make up musician Mike Andersen’s new solo album “One Million Miles”, published digitally, on vinyl and CD on May 31st.

Mike Andersen – photo: Rasmus Bundgaard

Mike Andersen’s current album has been cut to the bone. “One Million Miles” that contains nine simple and very personal songs. The text universe revolves around topics such as showdowns, break-ups, presence – or lack of the same and not least love.

The album has a very raw and simple expression. It only consists of my voice, an acoustic guitar, and my foot trampling. It is recorded live in the studio, completely without overdubs and edits, and is therefore far more raw, unpolished and naked than anything I have previously done, says Mike Andersen.

One Million Miles

Mike Andersen has in total published seven albums with bands and played a myriad of live concerts. A million miles on the road, it’s probably hardly been there, but it’s close. Mike Andersen and his band have, over the last 20 years, been driving the roads in Denmark and the rest of Europe thin. And there are still many more miles in them. But right now Mike Andersen has to meet his audience all alone – both on album publishing and on an understanding solo tour in the fall.

I’ve always been striving to make songs that can keep being performed by just myself and a guitar. Nevertheless, I have never before dared to publish or play them live that way. It’s time now, says Mike Andersen.

Daring to stand alone

Mike Andersen began playing guitar and singing when he was quite young. There should be years on the bag, a certain amount of courage and peace before he now, as a 42-year-old, dared to stand alone on stage – and on the plate. And of course development, both as a man and a musician.

One of the things I’ve got out of getting older is that I’ve got the top of the inner turmoil and anxiety. Therefore, I would rather no longer be so afraid to search into the room where you can hear all the noise, because there is nothing to overdo it. In fact, I have become quite crazy about the space of intensity that I experience when I am alone with the audience.

However, he has no plans to drop his band. – I still LOVE to stand with my band, and love the energy and power that is to get there, says Mike Andersen, who initially looks forward to the upcoming solo tour.

New Album From Mike Andersen

“One Million Miles” Tracklist:

1. Desert Trail

2. One Million Miles

3. No Time to Slow Down

4. Let’s Just Go

5. One Minute More

6. Shoulders Down

7. We’re Going Down

8. Little Man

9 Already Gone

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