The captain alone goes to save the world – With 10 songs in the luggage, Kristian Gaarskjær is ready with his third album under the name of Select Captain.

October 12th, the third album from Select Captain, entitled “Off To Save The World”, marks Mark Kristian Gaarskjær’s decision to manage his own music in a “non-open-door” industry, but where the reward can be successful if you put hard work into it.

With this Kristian Gaarskjær has grabbed the steering wheel and has left the traditional pattern with record companies, 360 degree agreements and publishing fees for third parties. Instead, he has chosen the hard work of publishing, promoting and booking for his alias Select Captain on the third important album “Off To Save The World”, released on October 12 on vinyl, CD and digital services via Kristians own record company; Soundchest Records.

Agreements with Danish partners Kristian has tried most and is an experienced master when it comes to planning and publishing. Even though the first 2 albums appeared on the MiniMe Records indie company, Kristian Gaarskjær has always had full control over how the music should appear and be treated. It has given him insight into the processes of printing of physical copies and digital channels, and a good network of different actors in Denmark, which he now uses to publish his 3rd Album.

The vinyl is to be printed on the Danish vinyl printing Nordsø Records and the digital version is distributed via DiGiDi, which is an excellent platform for musicians, who would rather do things than leave the fate of music in the hands of others. An indomitable effort It seems that Kristian Gaarskjær has succeeded, and the hard work of work has already cast more time than the adversity in a world where you can not get anything lost, and you often have to run many miles in vain to reach their intermediate goals.

Select Captain has got a lot of airplay, lots of concerts and, not least, many of the sought after streams – especially if you notice that the music is not mainstream or lefler for the playlist committees on either radio, TV or streaming channels. The 2 previous albums have cast acclaimed reviews with good grades in several of the major Danish and foreign media. 14 of Select Captain’s songs have been on P4 and P5 and the song “Morning” has even been “The Week’s Hittip” on the P4, as well as several of the songs from the new album have already got radio coverage.

1.45 million streams

And it indicates that “Off To Save The World” continues to break new ground for Select Captain. First single from the upcoming album; “If I Should Go”, released earlier this year, has already been streamed 1.45 million times. One does not raise 1.45 million streams – or so much airplay out of the sleeve like that, and Select Captain has worked long and hard to get his music out to a wide audience that also counts listeners outside the country’s borders. Germany, Denmark and America The 150+ concerts either soloist, duo or with the entire band in both Germany and Denmark have given Select Captain an experience, which this time has been used creatively in the songwriting of the new album, where several have been allowed to come up with their creative input to the final result.

“I’ve reached a point where I’m not afraid to share my songwriting process with others. I have written all the songs on the new album, but it is true that I have written them together with other songwriters. The whole process started during a so-called songwriting camp organized by DPA. In a few days I wrote a handful of songs with American songwriters and with Asger Møller as producer, and eventually I chose to make the album based on the songs that came to there and the same as with Asger behind the buttons.

Afterwards I have worked with a couple of other songwriters at home, and have also involved more producers in the creation of the record, and the expression is therefore also slightly more spotted than the previous two albums. It’s a relatively quiet album with a text universe, which in all matters a lot about uncertainty. Uncertainty about oneself, life, what they do, people around themselves and a lot of other things. The slightly bombastic title may sound very big if taken literally, but the thought behind is also more personal and is more about saving my own little world. “Kristian Gaarskjær says about the creation of the new album.” “Off To Save The World” is a mature album with well-organized songs that capture the heartbeat from the first throughline.


The Fear And The Lights (Album, 2014, MiniMe Records)
Pure Neon (EP, 2015, MiniMe Records)
Strings & Feathers (Alnum, 2016, MiniMe Records)
Off To Save The World (Album, 2018, Soundchest Records)

“Off To Save The World “Tracklist:

1. Fit
2. Off To Save The World
3. Straight No Chaser
4. Coming Home
5. If I Should Go
6. Miles Apart
7. Ordinary Greed
8. La-da-da
9. Highest Peak
10. Out In Space And In Between

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