Hemifrån is an independent A&R, promotion and marketing company, based in the heart of Sweden, specializing in, what they call, “gut music” – The kind of music that you can feel in your gut, no matter what. Hemifran is promoting a lot of singer-songwriter, westcoast-pop, country, AOR and more. Here are featured some of their latest news – it is not all west coast, but dig into it!

Gibrish – Mykorrhiza

Gibrish from Sundsvall has his roots in the dark forests of Medelpad with his musical feet in blues, jazz, rock and improvisational music. The band has released 5 albums since 2012 and their 6th, “Mykorrhiza”. More information at Hemifran.

Thomas Blomgren – Drömmen Om Livet

“Motor på vägen” is the second single from Thomas Blomgren’s upcoming album, “Drömmen om lieft”, which will be released on March 8, 2024. Both here on the single and on the album, co-producer and string bender Olivier Durand (guitarist in Elliott Murphy’s band) gets a big space. More information at Hemifran.

Jeff Talmadge – Sparrow

Mostly acoustic, with Jeff Talmadge’s guitar as the main instrument, the 10 songs on “Sparrow” are supported by economical and eclectic arrangements and instrumentation. Fans of Jeff’s music will welcome the new songs, and those new to his work will be introduced to the storytelling and fingerpicking style that he is known for. More information at Hemifran.

Doug Schmude – Cavalry

“The songs on ‘Cavalry’ reflect the perspective I’ve gotten from living in 8 different states and the lessons that lifestyle imparted upon a me”, Doug Schmude says. “These characters are from all walks of life, with stories from ever changing viewpoints”. More information at Hemifran.

Mike Granditsky – Strange Allure

This new musical journey by Mike Granditsky, more personal and introspective than ever before, unfolds as a melodic odyssey through the chapters of Mike’s life, blending influences from Roxy Music, Yves Tumor, Scott Walker, N.I.N., and a symphony of soul, synth, and post-punk. More information at Hemifran.

Dr Rock & The Famous Merengo – Willow Creek

Dr Rock & The Famous Merengo is a band that looks back to the Anglo-Saxon rock culture based on vocal harmonies and ethereal melodies. The influence of American bands such as Steely Dan and the Doobie Brothers is mixed here with the percussive vocals of the British scene like Beatles, Zombies, Easybeats and Hollies. More information at Hemifran.

Son Of The Velvet Rat – Ghost Ranch

Son Of The Velvet Rats’ new album “Ghost Ranch” was recorded at Red Barn Recorders in Morongo Valley, CA, and co-produced by Gar Robertson with Jay Bellerose on drums and Jennifer Condos on bass. It features Jolie Holland on backing vocals and violin. Marc Ribot guests on electric guitar. More information at Hemifran.

West Of Eden– Whitechapel

West Of Eden’s 13th album, “Whiechapel”, was mixed in Edinburgh by Cameron Malcolm and mastered by Calum Malcolm, a legend known for his work on classic albums with artists such as The Blue Nile, Prefab Sprout, and Mark Knopfler. More information at Hemifran.

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