Crowd funding has become an new way to get support for your CD release, and several west coast music artists has succesfully managed to get new albums out thru this service. Now Geyster is active with funding for their next album.

The plan here is to have a real budget in order to release the new album in the best conditions, which means to be able to shoot a second music video for our second single (the first one is the song “Do It” and it is already available on youtube) and also establish a promotion plan with different tools:

-hiring a musical agent

-buying some commercial spaces in magazines and on the Internet

-organize a showcase in Paris…

All this in order to make the album a success !

So we’d be so honored and happy to have you onboard in the team, and make this new album an exciting adventure where every participant will be rewarded in the end…

See more about the Geyster funding project here.