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Releasing an album

Yesterday my third album – Gratitude – was released. I’m happy, excited, proud, nervous. I have tons of feelings and thoughts running thru me and I can’t sit still for more than a few minutes, before I have to do something to distract my thoughts – I guess you can imagine how it is.


I’ve been working on this album for several years on and off. Actually did I write some of the tracks many years ago, while some of the tunes are totally new, also to me … at least kind of new, after working with them for some time.

When I make an album a lot of things go around in circles.

I write a song … hopefully I get excited about that song, and want to develop it, arrange it, maybe start to record it … probably just by myself in the studio as a start. If I still like the song I continue working with that (I’ve written about my workflow and process earlier on this blog) … maybe with some inspiring musicians, then I start to do layers … overdubs – and hopefully I still trust the songs potential at this point.

After a while (often this “while” is over a longer periode) I’m ready to wrap it up and I start to mix it. During this process I never know if the trust to a songs potentiel disappear – hopefully it doesn’t, even when the excitement about a new song dissapear.

To me this process is a lot of ups and downs. One day I get a kick from a track … a few days after I might get insecure about something – often a certain part I’m working with, but sometimes the whole song or the arrangement. All these ups and downs come and go during the process of making an album. And I’m the type of person, who like … no LOVE to create, so I always get bored of finalizing things.

Luckily I know I’m that way, and people around me know that too. So instead of erasing a track, I leave it for a while, and focus on another song. Then I return later and listen with more open mind and decide what to do. Again this circle movement.

So a lot of excitement, a lot of “ups and downs” during the process. Therefore it’s so exciting and nerve wrecking to release a new album and hear and feel peoples respons – did I take the right decisions during the process? … I hope so – actually I’m very happy about this release, and I’m so proud of the result. And all the beautiful people who has contributed to this album – I couldn’t have done it without them and it wouldn’t have been what it is now.

That is (apart from the sound quality) another good reason to buy a physical CD instead of a downloaded version … you can see all the names I give credit in the booklet, with my heart full of gratitude – thank you!

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