Creatchy Records has releases of two Karizma digital albums.

One of the album is a legendary Karizma recording from the Baked Potato club in Hollywood, actually the only live performance with Jeff Porcaro recorded in 1989. The other one is recorded in 2005 at the Motion Blue club in Yokohama Japan.

With these albums you can hear the Karizma in “retro” and “new” line up, available as download.


David Garfield: In 2005, Karizma were asked to come and perform at Motion Blue in Yokohama, Japan in honor of our 30th anniversary as a band. We played 12 shows with this particular line up and they were recorded by Yoshinobu “Ichi” Ichikawa who is one of the very best sound engineers in Japan! Three of these tracks also appear on Karizma´s CD “Perfect Harmony” on Creatchy Records.

Line up: David Garfield, Larry Klimas, James Harrah, Jimmy Johnson, Oscar Seaton Jr. & Lenny Castro.

Live At Motion Blue – see more here.


David Garfield: This was the only show that Jeff Porcaro ever did with Karizma. He came in at the last minute to cover for Carlos Vega who was suddenly called into the studio. It was recorded and has been circulating around in a bootleg version. The recording was not done professionally, but you can get the feel of what it was like to be in the Baked Potato that night. The band played at the spud often from 1978 – the late 90´s. This was a particulary special night for all of us to have Jeff with the band. One of these tracks is also included on Karizma´s CD “Perfect Harmony” on Creatchy Records.

Line up: David Garfield, Larry Klimas, Michael Landau, John Pena, Jeff Porcaro & Lenny Castro.

Live at Baked Potato – see more here.

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