Simon Ådahl releases a new album ”En Välsignad Man”, Simon’s fifth studio album.

It has been five years since the Big Bang album came out. The album is produced by Pontus Frisk (who worked with: Joakim Lundell, Tommy Nilsson, Magnus Uggla, Dilba, Brolle Jr. and many others).

”En Välsignad Man” has a varied content, both musically and textually. The new single “I never want to be young again” is with the glimpse of the eye, a bit of a reaction to the age fixation and the view that is often prevailing in Sweden-that it has almost become ugly to grow old.

Simon lifts up the benefits of age and life experience. Many songs on the record have a Christian message but sometimes not as pronounced as in previous productions. Simon does not believe in religion but well in relationship. The sound on the disc is also new to being a Simon Ådahl disc. He sometimes takes help of a gospel choir in his pop and rock songs.

Simon Ådahl is best known for his time in Edin-Ådahl, who won the Swedish Melodifestivalen 1990 with the song “Som en vind” and represented Sweden at the Eurovision Song Contest in Zagreb where they finished in a 16th place.

During the past ten years, Simon Ådahl has traveled around in Sweden as an artist and speaker. He has also published two books: The unexpected journey, depicting his life, and Two Neighbors tells.

Tracks: En Välsignad Man, När Andra, Manualen, Faller Ner, Mera Rock´N´Roll, Varför Mår Vi Så Dåligt (När Vi Ända Har Det Så Bra?), Jag Vill Aldrig Nånsin Mer Va Ung Igen, Friheten Finns, Nu Är Du Fri & Till Min Fader.

Released by Talking Music.

By Published On: september 16, 2017Categories: In Focus, New Releases

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