We are proud to announce the signing of the amazing NENNA, a true musical star with her debut video and single out on March  23rd, 2019. “You Make My Day” is composed by Srdjan Brankovic

Please tell us who is Nenna?

I am a musician, piano player and singer and a huge music lover.

What have you done musically prior to this release and what are you  currently doing musically?

I play piano since I was 7. Since my very early ages, it was clear that music is my big passion.

I graduated at Music Academy in Belgrade, Serbia, with Master degree in classical piano.

After I graduated, I started to work as a piano teacher in music school.

New CD – You Make My Day

I find myself to be very open minded musician, so I tried a lot of things. I performed with different chamber ensembles, instrumentalists and vocalists. I extended my interest in performing both classical, jazz, rock…  I shared the stage with a lot of great musicians in many clubs and festivals, spent many months in Austria in different hotels, playing evergreen and jazz music. I also have experience working as a musician on cruise lines. So, as a musician I traveled a lot around many different places.

I was also working as a composer, arranger and a musician for a couple of Theatre peaces in Belgrade.

Now I am starting something that I always wanted, but never did before – working on my own brand and music that I will be standing for, behind the name of NENNA.

Please describe your single:

I think this song can make you feel better. This is how it works for me. It makes me happier and it makes my imagination colorful It makes me feel like the good days are yet to come. It has some summer atmosphere and I love summer. It is full of melody and energy, decorated with the good singing, playing and production. It was composed spontaneous, without the aim to make some commercial success. The video also has many spontaneous moments,  captures the atmosphere of Greek seaside and some Sitonia summer vibe.

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