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More To This Life is the 13th solo album from singer/songwriter guitarist Bernie Chiaravalle. You may know him from Michael McDonald’s band, who he’s been with since 1988. He also cowrote and produced much of McDonald’s 2000 release, Blue
Obsession and has co-written several songs with Michael over the last 30 plus years.

Much of the music on this album was written over the last couple of years during the pandemic. Not touring on the road allowed Chiaravalle to do what he enjoys most … write and record songs in his home studio. Over this time he wrote and recorded nearly 70 songs.

This album contains 14 of those songs, including guest musicians Dan Needham (drums), Mark Douthit (sax) and Shannon Forrest (drums). Bernie also handles guitars, bass, keyboards, drums and vocals. He wrote all the songs solo except “Keep On Lovin’ You”, which he co-wrote with Chris Eddy (son of Duane).

The title track “More To This Life” is the lead off single. It’s a song Chiaravalle is especially proud of. He feels he expressed his overview of life during the pandemic but also life in general.

There’s more to this life
Then what we see before us
Open your mind and your heart will know
It’s you that decides
Which road you’re bound to follow
There’s more to this life…

The album will be available on CD and on digital. Visit Bernie’s website: for details.

You can also find Bernie Chiaravalle on:

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