The Moonband release the album “Atlantis” in March 2014.


Somewhat legendary, that’s what The Moonband themselves are. Since 2008, the Munich based band around the two songwriters Houston & Mondbasis have been calling for attention, while their fanbase was constantly growing. ‘Alternative Folk’, ‘Contemporary Country’, ‘Alternative Americana’ – the music journalist’s standards of definitions have hit the brick wall with The Moonband from the start – and this is, as the fanciers of everything audible know, mostly a good sign.

In 2010, their debut album ‘Open Space’ was published, and as early as in the following year, The Moonband demonstrated with ‘The Significance…’ that stylistic enhancement on a steadily high level is definitely possible.

Now, in early 2014, the journey continues at last. With the new album called ‘Atlantis’, The Moonband complete a first trilogy, not only in numbers. ‘Atlantis’ is the fulminant completion of a suspenseful tale – and, at the same time, the pathbreaking prologue for the following chapters of the band’s story.

The recordings were altogether made (mainly live) in the ‘Alte Schmiede’ (‘Old Smithy’), Till Hofmann’s bandhouse, situated in the Bavarian Woods. Till Hofmann is a bustling promoter of culture in Munich – not alone, he’s the founder of the Munich based indie-label ‘Millaphon’. Like before, with the previous album named ‘Denavigation’, the music producer Martin M. Hermann was responsible for the sound of the record this time as well.

More information about Moonband at their official website.