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This second volume on the life and music of legendary drummer Jeff Porcaro contains stories and insights from dozens of music business luminaries as well as dozens of never-before-seen photographs.

Jeff Porcaro had attained legendary status in the music world by the time of his passing; at only 38 years old, he had become one of the most recorded drummers in music history. Musicians, producers, industry people, and fans alike held Porcaro in the highest esteem. As a session musician, he had an uncanny ability to not only create the perfect drum part, but to play it with a feel that was sought out by the biggest artists of his time. In this, her second book about Porcaro, author Robyn Flans explores the life and work of the drumming legend through the eyes of people who knew him, worked with him, and loved him.

Upon the release of the biography Jeff Porcaro: It’s About Time, the author received many messages from people who worked with Jeff that had wished they contributed. Gathering these stories together into a collection of memories has created an even more complete picture of Porcaro the person and the musician. A long list of luminaries, including Paul Young, Felix Cavaliere, Steve Porcaro, Eliott Randall, Paul Anka, Jeff Baxter, Gregg Bissonette, Bernard Purdie, David Foster, Eric Carmen, Bobby Colomby, Les Dudek, Jim Messina, Michael Omartian, David Garfield, Stan Lynch, Don Henley, Ivan Neville, Brenda Russell, Randy Goodrum, Elliot Scheiner, Pino Palladino, and Rick Marotta join childhood friends and early bandmates to give a window into how Jeff grew to greatness, and what it was like to play with him at the height of his powers.

With a foreword from legendary Steely Dan producer Gary Katz, the book contains dozens of never-before-seen photos from Jeff’s early years through his time with Boz Scaggs and Toto, and an updated, complete discography of Porcaro’s staggering body of work. This intimate portrait is a collection of memories from those who were privileged to share space with Jeff Porcaro in those Moments in Time.

From the Author

I never intended on writing a second book but I had kept the first book such a secret until it was being published that when it came out, it was a surprise to so many people. After a while I began to get messages from industry friends saying they had read the book and wished they had known I was writing it because they would have liked to contribute — they had a story. I thought about it for a very long time.

And then when the harshest of Covid passed the Porcaro family was finally able to have a celebration of life for dear Joe Porcaro. That was when I met Jeffrey’s youngest son Nico who lost his father before he was even a year old. When he told me how meaningful my book was to him in a very private conversation, I found myself sobbing in his arms. I revealed that I had thoughts of writing a second book and he said, “Please.” This book was most inspired by Nico than anything else. Those moments with him were truly profound in my life.

When I came to actually writing it, I wasn’t sure I’d have enough, but lo and behold, it’s even longer than the first — who knew? People I couldn’t reach the first time around made themselves available, those who had messaged me with stories were so happy they could speak that it resulted in 360 pages and 60 photos, many of which were contributed by people with private collections of personal pictures never seen before. Obviously this is not a biography — that was the first book. This book is made up of stories from Jeff’s colleagues, reflected in the title of the book. I’ve written it to give the reader more insight into who Jeff was as a musician and a person. Enjoy!

  • Robyn Flans

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“Knowing the drumming community as well as she does, Robyn has the unique position to get heartfelt insights into my brother Jeff, not only as a drummer, but as a person, and his value to the team while making records and playing live. These stories from other drummers, many Jeff’s own heroes and co-workers, are eye-opening to say the least—reminding us not only of his ability behind a drum set, but also just how much fun it was to be around him.”

  • Steve Porcaro

“I have to say I LOVED reading Robyn’s new book on Jeff. I wanted more. She fully captured Jeff’s spirit, sensitivity, disregard, aloofness, casual genius, humaneness and generosity. It has real heart. She took me to those sessions even though I wasn’t there—I felt the beat—I felt Jeff’s pain—I felt his brilliance—I felt the reverence which we all still feel for him today, so many decades later. He was a one-off; his brilliance will live on with this book! Bravo to you, Robyn.”

  • David Foster

“Wow, wow, wow! The amazing stories about Jeff from some of my best friends and favorite musical legends are gonna blow your mind. The great Robyn Flans did it again—she gets the right people to talk about Jeff, asks the right questions and lets the magic begin! Just the Abe Laboriel, Sr. and Stan Lynch stories alone are enough to make you feel like you really knew Jeff personally. I’m so honored that I got to be Jeff’s friend.”

  • Gregg Bissonnette

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