Michael Kratz releases 3rd Single “Never Take Us Alive” July 27th from his upcoming album… a protest song dealing with the digital surveillance of all of us!

The 3rd single from Michael Kratz´ upcoming album “Live Your Life” is a call out for action against all of us being constantly monitored and watched…. Big Brother really is watching and it has to stop!

Says Michael Kratz:

“Never Take Us Alive is a protest against the digital surveillance that is constantly happening to all of us. Yes, surveillance has – generally speaking – made the world a safer place to live in in a time where so many people want to do harm to others for various reasons but it is also a fact that all the large/larger corporations of digital services are constantly monitoring us, keeping an eye on what we are doing, looking over our shoulders in order to make even more billions of dollars. It has gotten out of control and is completely unacceptable!

Also…for me this single is the one that I have looked forward to releasing the most. Not only for the message of the song but because I have been a massive fan of Duran Duran since the early 1980´s and Never Take Us Alive not only features their guitar player Dom Brown, the song was also partially recorded in Duran Duran´s recording studio in London, England”.

The new album will be titled “Live Your Life” and Michael Kratz is working with some music power houses such as Steve Lukather (Toto and everyone else), Dom Brown (Duran Duran), David Garfield (L.A. Studio Cat, Los Lobotomys, Karizma, George Benson and more) & Michael Landau (James Taylor, Karizma, Burning Water).

“Live Your Life” will be released September 2017.

”Never Take Us Alive” will be sold online on various platforms such as iTunes, Spotify, Amazon Music and more.