Michael Gleason grew up around Wichita, Kansas. He was drawn to music at a young age. When he was in high school and early college he became increasingly interested in 1970s progressive rock music.

In particular, he was an admirer of Kansas. He had performed in night clubs for years before he joined Kansas as a touring member. Despite being increasingly attracted by rock music, he did not choose a typical rock’n’roll lifestyle but he wanted to share a positive message, written from a Christian worldview.

As Gleason stated in an interview in 1990, “I had the very good fortune of being raised in a home with two parents who were strong committed believers.

So whether Jesus Christ was the truth or was real was never really a question. It was in my earliest upbringing. It was a natural part of me as a child. Of course, there came that moment of truth later on as an adolescent where I internalised that and made it my own.

I’m committed to it, and have seen it borne out in the lives of people around me”.


Tracklist: Children of Choices, Western World, Feeding the Fire, One Breath Away, Don’t Give in to the Night, True to Myself, Life on the Line, Nature of the Beast, Front Page News & Heart of Stone.

Michael Gleason – lead and backing vocals, keyboards, guitars
Sonny Lallerstedt – lead guitars
Scott Meeder – drums
John Elefante – backing vocals
Terry Brock – additional backing vocals