I’m proud to announce that my 11th solo CD, MAYBE ONE DAY, will be released on Oct 10 on both CD and digital formats. 

Most of these songs were written from Feb through Sept 2020 during the “shelter in place” era.  All of them were recorded and produced in this period with me handling all the instruments and vocals.  I’d like to say it’s my best but I’m always more partial to newer stuff I write.  But I do believe I was more focused on this album than any other.  Some of the lyrics are very timely for the times we live in.

I’m also proud to have co-written 3 songs with a couple of stellar songwriters.  I co-wrote 2 with the great Bill Lloyd; “All Heat, No Light” and “Washed Too Clean”.  Anyone who knows Bill and his work knows how great he is!  It was a thrill to write with him and I love the 2 songs we wrote!

The other co-write was with my longtime friend and bandmate (so to speak), Michael McDonald.  That song is “Promise of Love”. The basic idea has been around over 30 years or so.  It was one of the first things we wrote together but we never finished it.  It came up on my iPhone on shuffle a few months ago and I decided to give the song a try in the studio.  I’m pleased with it and I believe you can hear the McD influence in it!

I’m so excited to share the record!  I’ll be letting you all know on Oct 10 were to get it.  I’ll also be offering personally signed CDs.

Peace and Love!



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