Music composed by Tom Hansen arranged by Kenneth Eriksen

I’ve always been inspired by American artists like Earth Wind & Fire, Al Jarreau, David Foster, Michael McDonald, Kenny G, Chaka Khan, Patti Austin, Shakatak, David Pack, Christopher Cross and others in the same style.

Then I tried as best I could to make some songs in that style. I brought my notes to Kenneth Eriksen who plays all instruments and sings four-part. He has made great arrangements on the songs and we have agreed how it should sound.

Anyone who asks gets an answer – either yes or no – so I have contacted American musicians. They say “send me the song” and I have been lucky and got quick answers from both Nathan East, Larry Williams, John JR Robinson and Jeffrey Pescetto.

I got that too French Jerome Nigou, William Sikstrøm, Nils Mathisen and Italian Andrea Di Puccio. Nathan has hung up new bass and vocals on “My lady” which we released in 2016, and it sounds great. The Pescetto song is inspired by Chicago and I got 18 tracks of vocals from him!

Listen to England Brooks – she sings all the voices; also the deep ones!!! “Show me paradise” – tribute to Al Jarreau – is located on Youtube with Mia Ellingsen Seierstad. It has become nice! Also Rose Baptiste sings a Chicago inspired song called “Stay Tonight”.

There are also some ballads here with Marit Strømøy and Kristina Eliassen – a little inspired by Whitney and some light jazz-inspired / Al Jarreau-inspired scissors so that’s a good one mix of song types.

I have also been lucky to have these musicians: Kenneth Eriksen, Nathan East, John JR Robinson, Peter Friestedt, Magne Arnesen, Jeffrey Pescetto, Espen Hauge, England Brooks, Halstein Larsen, Rose Baptiste, Bjørn Thomassen, Nils Mathisen, Larry Williams, Kjell Håkon Andersen, Marit Strømøy, Live Foyn Friss, Erik Skau, Bjørn Olaf Olsen, Jerome Nigou, Andrea Di Puccio, Egil Bjørnholdt, Wakana Inamura, Elizabeth Mukendi, Kristina Eliassen, Jon-Willy Rydningen, Reidar Vinje Stensvold, Stefan Gunnarsson, William Sikstrøm, Mia Ellingsen Seierstad, Tom Hansen, Pål Johnsen, Victor Brook, Line Knudsen, Helge Christensen, Espen Hauge, Halstein Larsen, Haavard Flaaten, Bjørn Thomassen, Knut Koppang, Jon-Willy Rydningen, Bjørn Olaf Olsen, Egil Bjørnholdt, Erik Skau & Helge Christensen. Also Nick Mawson, Joe Amundsen, Rose Baptiste & England Brooks have written great lyrics.

Thanks to Kenneth Eriksen I am very happy with the result, He has done a phenomenal job!!!

Tom Hansen


Bonus CD:

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