Pacific Addiction

MANDOO “Pacific Addiction”, NEW ALBUM 2019

We drove down pacific coast highway and stopped to bathe in the light. The ocean illuminated like a brightening lover, we were lost over the immensity, staring at the earth’s eyes…

Esther & Pierre, definitely addict.

Released December 11, 2019

All songs composed, arranged and produced by Esther Ben Daoud & Pierre Vanier de Saint Aunay
Lyrics by Eric Tagg, Linda Bramblett Tagg, Dora Bailey & Pierre Vanier de Saint Aunay
Mixed by Mark Haliday – Mastered by Andres Mayo
Artwork by Arnaud Leger – Video by David Ben Daoud

Credits on the album :
Pierre Vanier de Saint Aunay – Vocals, backup vocals & bass
Esther Ben Daoud – Keyboards & backup vocals
Jason Meekins – Drums
Laurent Miqueu – Guitars
Fanny Lévêque – Violins
John Fumo – Trumpet & flugelhorn
Charlie Morillas – Trombone
Claude Cailliet – Trombone
Fred Simmons – Trombone
Jeff Driskill – Tenor saxophone
Yannick Cognet – Tenor saxophone & flutes
Jean-Christophe Decourrière – guitar
Mikel Urdy – Percussion