Lucky 7, new Venice album…

After two short trips to Hideaway Hill in Vista, California, its finally here. The new mini album from the Magnificent 7 Venice line up, “Lucky 7 – Part 1”.


If you’ve received our prior newsletters, I’m sure you’ve heard about the reuniting of Venice’s line up from the 1990’s. But since we’re adding new subscribers all the time, let me enlighten the unenlightened….

The M7 (Magnificent Seven) Venice lineup was responsible for creating the first official self-titled release “Venice” on Modern/Atlantic Records. co-writing and playing on such classic songs as “All My Life,” “Pushed Her Too Far,” “Hideaway Hill” and “People Laugh.” The same lineup is largely responsible for the follow up releases of the Garage Demos, Part 1, 2 and 3, helping create song like “Rivers Never Run,” “The Only Love I Had,” “Washington and Lincoln,” and “If I were You”…favorites amongst the true Venice fans.

After those albums, and lots of touring together in support of those albums, a few of our members moved out of California and on to other things; our former drummer Scott Crago is currently touring with a little band known as The Eagles and our former keyboardist Monroe Jones has a Grammy for an album he produced in Nashville.

Having stayed in touch over the past 25 years; the original 7 members decided to reunite and spend a couple weeks living together, eating together, drinking together, laughing together…and most importantly playing music together. The first trip was in November of 2014, when we wrote and recorded a bunch of song ideas that we all took home and lived with over the holidays until our second adventure in January of 2015, when we finished writing and cutting basic tracks for seven songs. The “Lucky 7 – Part 1” mini album is the result of our two retreats to Hideaway Hill. Part 2 will showcase the best of our upcoming summer reunion of 2015 and will be available later this year.

“Lucky 7 – Part 1” is available NOW at record stores in the Netherlands and on iTunes in the Benelux….or if you’re in the states or somewhere else in the world, you can pre-order it by clicking the button, below.

*U.S. and other territory pre-orders will ship by end of April, 2015. Of course, the new CD will be available at all live shows starting in May.

More info at the Venice Central

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