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Love a Wonderful Disease

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Holtsø & Wittrock: “Love a Wonderful Disease” Singles release on May 15 / DME

The new single “Love a Wonderful Disease” from Holtsø & Wittrock has become as exotic places as Ganløse, Vanløse, Aarhus, Amager, Østerbro, Nashville Tennessee and Austin Texas.

Singer Jes Holtsø and musician and producer Morten Wittrock had been looking forward to a trip to Nashville to record new tracks for their upcoming album. Due to COVID-19, the trip was obviously canceled and alternatives had to be thought of.

All the contributing musicians have therefore recorded their musical contribution to the song in their respective isolation and sent the files to Morten Wittrock, who has collected and arranged the evocative song “Love a Wonderful Disease”.

Contributing to the number include guitarist Bob Britt from Nashville, who is otherwise usually busy as a guitarist for Bob Dylan, but now has time in excess, as Dylan’s concert activity is also currently canceled. The other American contribution is from drummer John Chipman, who is not Mr. whoever. He has been named Austin Drummer of the Year and has played with Delbert McClinton, among others.

Text and music are as usual written by Marcus Winther-John and Morten Wittrock. The song is NOT about the illness that we are all talking about at the moment and which Holtsø & Wittrock are also affected by in relation to the album recordings. On the contrary, it is about being afflicted with love – in the bittersweet way.

“Love is such a wonderful disease / I wish you love on my own worst enemy” – Jes Holtsø sings the song with his characteristic hoarse and expressive vocals.


Holtsø & Wittrock’s forthcoming album “Blink of an Eye” is their fifth album release in ten years. The album is expected to be released this fall.


Jes Holtsø: Vocals
Morten Wittrock: Keys & Producer
Mads D. Andersen: Drums
Lei Moe: Add. Vocals
Kaspar Lindhardt: Bass
Bob Britt: Guitars
John Chipman: Percussion

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