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Hello friends,

2021 was a very productive year for me.  Because of the pandemic I was mostly home and made use of my time by writing and recording a lot of music. To be exact, I recorded more than 3 albums worth! 

I had another album of new material to be released when I was was inspired by another musician friend of mine who released an album of older previously unreleased music he had. I honestly have hundreds of songs from my days playing in bands in Marin County, CA and the Bay Area before moving to Los Angeles in the early 80s. In 1988 I joined Michael McDonald’s band and moved the Nashville in 1998.

So… I put my “new” album on hold and got to work on revisiting songs I had written back in the 1970s, 80s and very early 90s. And I found what I think were a bunch of songs that have held up pretty well over time.  They just needed some arrangement updates and lyrics tweaked out here and there.  And of course some proper new recordings. I recorded nearly 25 songs for this project and narrowed it down to 17.  I really had a blast doing this project!

I will release the other new album closer to the beginning of summer. I’m very proud of that project as well and enlisted my friend and McD bandmate Dan Needham to play drums on a couple songs and co-wrote one song with my longtime friend Peter Penhallow. I hope to have a few other friends guest on that project as well.

Right now the album is only available on CD but will be released digitally worldwide soon.  I’m also working on a couple of videos to coincide with the album.

You can get the CD on my Store HERE.

You can also see my entire catalog HERE.

peace on Earth… Bernie C

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