New band “Larm” releases their first album.

The title of the album will be “Tala är Guld”. The group consists of experienced musicians such as Anders Mossberg and Dan Tibell (Jerusalem), Simon Ådahl (Edin Ådahl), Örjan Armgren, Patrik Wahlund and Andy Nordlander.

The material is mostly newly written by the group’s own members, but they have also chosen to re-record two old songs. Partly the song “I want to give you a flower”, one of the band Jerusalem’s most appreciated songs and Edin Ådahl’s hit “I am waiting for you.”

The record release is shown on the TV channel Himlen Tv7. The concert takes place in collaboration with the record company Talking Music. The band participates in an hour-long program where you alternate interviews with six songs from the record.