Available everywhere June 6th 2022 from Perris Records

In 2009 Frédéric Slama released one of his most iconic AOR album entitled “Journey To L.A.”. Over the years, this AOR classic became quite hard to find and needed a good revised version.

Now with this new limited edition, Perris Records offers the ultimate “Journey To L.A.” experience, remastered, with new artwork, new song list and even a secret track.

This one of a kind edition features the talents of Aor legends Philip Bardowell (Unruly Child, The Beach Boys), Steve Overland (FM), Fergie Frederiksen (Toto, Le Roux), Bill Champlin (Chicago), Steve Lukather (Toto), David Williams (Michael Jackson) and many others.

“Journey To L.A.” is in the grand tradition of classic 80’s Melodic Rock bands such as Survivor, Foreigner, Journey or Toto. It’s one of the most consistent of Frédéric Slama’s AOR album, considered by many fans worldwide as one of his best. Unmissable !


Frédéric Slama: Guitars & Keyboards

Philip Bardowell: Lead & Background Vocals

Fergie Frederiksen: Lead & Background Vocals

Steve Overland: Lead & Background Vocals

Bill Champlin: Lead & Background Vocals

Tommy Denander: All Instruments

Steve Lukather: Guitars

David Williams: Guitars

Brandon Fields: Saxophone

David Diggs: Keyboards

Joey Heredia: Drums

Johan Sahlen: Backing Vocals

Songs & Singers:

1. Don’t Turn Back – Philip Bardowell

2. Read The Signs – Philip Bardowell

3. Love Remains The Same – Philip Bardowell

4. Never Surrender – Philip Bardowell

5. Waiting In The Darkness – Steve Overland

6. Heartless – Philip Bardowell

7. Just For Love – Philip Bardowell

8. The View Of You – Philip Bardowell

9. Desperate Dreams – Fergie Frederiksen

10. Lost In Your Eyes – Bill Champlin

+ Secret Track


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