Though born in San Francisco, Nashville Americana singer-songwriter Josh Gray grew up thousands of miles away in Montgomery County, Maryland. From an early age he showed an interest in language and an affinity for writing.

Josh Gray Album

At age 16 he got his first guitar but didn’t play his first live show until 15 years later. When asked what took so long, he simply says, “I wasn’t ready.”

This theme of taking time to get things right becomes apparent when you hear his music. His thoughtful and often poetic lyrics stick with you long after the song ends.

Josh Gray’s sound is a mixture of the folk, blues, country, rock, and bluegrass that first inspired him to pick up a guitar. He’s a storyteller at heart with common themes being love, loss, and social justice.

Songs of the Highway

His new album Songs of the Highway shows he has come a long way from his sparse acoustic solo EP released in 2015. After moving to Nashville in 2016 he wrangled together some of the best musicians in Music City to form his band, Josh Gray and the Dark Features.

Wanting to record but not having the money, the band turned to crowdfunding through Kickstarter. In just thirty 30 days they had surpassed their goal, raising nearly $9,000 dollars.

The new album release in April 2019 sees Josh Gray touring throughout the year. Though, as he states in the title track, “there ain’t no regrets beatin’ in my chest, wouldn’t have it any other way, so I’m singin’ to the wind, these Songs of the Highway.”


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