Singer/songwriter John Vester lives in Venice Beach, California. He grew up in Cincinnati, Ohio, where he started playing in bands when he was about 16 years old.

He moved to California when we was in his twenties. He went to the Grove School of Music in Los Angeles, played in bands and soon started writing his own material.

Originally from Cincinnati, Ohio John started writing songs & playing in bands there in his teens. Then he moved to California in his early 20s & attended the Grove School Of Music in LA, while playing in bands & developing his craft as a songwriter…until he was ready to start recording… His first album, My Heart Is In Your Hands was released in 1998.

His 2nd Half A World Away in 2002 & his 3rd Things I Wish I Would Have Said in 2004. Like the previous 2 solo JV releases All The Way Out West was co-produced with Michael Lennon of the band Venice, with excellent vocal support from other Venice member Mark, Kipp & Pat Lennon & vocalist extraordinaire Kate Markowitz. Also featuring the top-notch musicianship of Greg Leisz on pedal steel guitar & dobro, Sid Page on violin & Scott Crago on drums to mention a few… John says: “I think of many of my songs as cowboy songs, but mainly I think of them as love songs, story songs, uplifting, sad or funny songs….or some combination of all the above.”

He is also an illustrator & the All The Way Out West CD package features his singular style of hand printed lyrics & original illustrations making this a truly unique offering of this artist’s words, music & art. John’s songs give us ways to look at ourselves both playfully & seriously, with a maturing attention to artistic detail & form that promises All The Way Out West is his best work to date. John Vester lives all the way out west in Venice, California USA.

His first CD entitled “My Heart Is In Your Hands” was released in 1998. His second CD “Half A World Away” was released in 2002. “Half A World Away” is a 12 song project, co-produced by Michael Lennon and John Vester.

June 2004 the second CD of this project (and John’s third one) “Things I Wish I Would Have Said” a 17 song project was released in june of 2004.

“All The Way Out West” is the 4th solo release on Venetian Records (2008): All The Way Out West this artist fully comes into his own. This collection continues John’s trademark, poetic picture painting style of songwriting, based on Folk Americana, accentuating the western side of country & western, with a colorful mix of ethnic influences, while moving into new territory lyrically & reaching new heights of musical self-realization.

All 4 John Vester cds continue John’s trademark, simple, straightforward, picture-painting style of songwriting. Both Half A World Away and Things I Wish I Would Have Said were co-produced by Michael Lennon and John Vester.

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All The Way Out West

Venetian Records 2008

Tracks: Lucky You, Put All Your Heart In A Song, Night Becomes The Day, Blue Window, As Long As It Takes, All The Way Out West, Beeswax Is My Beeswax, Warm & Tender Lullabye, I Wish I Was Back Home In Cincinnati, Please Don't Be So Sad, No Bone To Pick With Jesus, Sometimes Absence Makes The Heart Grow, The Devil's Playground & I Don't Want To Say Good-Bye.

Musicians on the All The Way Out West album: John Vester, Matt Laug, Michael Lennon, Greg Leisz, Mark Lennon, Chris Horvath, Rich Mangicaro, Sid Page, Kate Markowitz, Joel Hamilton, Doctor Osamu Kitajima, Masakazu Yoshizawa, Scott Crago, Carl Byron, Mark Harris, Stan Behrens, Kipp Lennon, Pat Lennon & Eric Rigler.

2 Voices, 1 Guitar - Holland Tour 2005

Venetian Records 2005

Tracks: Blue Window, You're The One, The Devil's Playground, Matte Kudasai & No Bone To Pick With Jesus.

Musicians on the 2 Voices, 1 Guitar - Holland Tour 2005 album: John Vester & Mark Lennon.

Things I Wish I Would Have Said

Venetian Records 2004

Tracks: Things I Wish Would Have Said, Rainy Day Valentine, All Through The Night (& All Trough The Day), The Last Of The Red Hot Lovers, We Had Something There For A While, Your Reason To Be Free, I Know You Know, Red Dragonfly, Is That You Satan?, You're Not Alone, Love Without Trust, Grateful For The Rain, Where Is My Woman?, On Our Anniversary, I Lost My Heart, The Other Side & Happy Landings.

Musicians on the Things I Wish I Would Have Said album: John Vester, Michael Lennon, Mark Lennon, Kipp Lennon, Kate Markowitz, Mark Harris, Alexis Sklarevski, Joel Hamilton, Scott Crago, Matt Laug, Carl Byron, Stan Behrens, Dr. Osamu Kitajima, Masakazu Yoshizawa, Tollak Ollestad, Martin Tillman & Sid Page.

Half A World Away

Venetian Records 2002

Tracks: Another Angel Gets Her Wings, Against The Wall, Cherry Blossom Girl, All I Need Is You, Half A World Away, Some People, The Right One, When I Hear The Nightowl Callin', The Mermaid's Song, Young One, Life Is So Short & Here and Gone.

Musicians on the Half A World Away album: John Vester, Michael Lennon, Mark Lennon, Alexis Sklarevski, Matt Laug, Tollak Ollestad, Joel Hamilton, Sid Page, Kate Markowitz, Greg Leisz, Mark Harris, Scott Crago, John Yoakum, Carl Byron, Martin Tillman & Eric Rigler.

My Heart Is In Your Hands

Vestertunes 1998

Tracks: Heart Of Hearts, The Devil Never Sleeps, You Make Lovin' You So Easy, The Trouble With Love, Arrow, My Heart Is In Your Hands, I Could Be Wrong, Something Beautiful, Spanish Moss, You're The One, Genius Of The Heart & We're Still Here.

Musicians on the My Heart Is In Your Hands album: John Vester, Kate Markowitz, Mark Lennon, Valerie Carter, Nathalie Archangel, Cathy Brandolino, David Batteau, Lee Ann Harris, Joel Hamilton, Sid Page, Greg Leisz, Steve McCormick, Bill Knope, Michael Lennon, Martin Tillman, Novi Novog, Michael Sherwood & Dave Sanford.