John Engel’s songs are life-affirming, emotive and full of light. Their production is organic and sophisticated, reminiscent of the West Coast Sound.

John performed as a solo singer-songwriter in clubs and bars for years. But when he started getting consumed by his other passion – filmmaking –, he put his musical life on the back burner. Many years later, John reassessed his priorities, opened that guitar case again, and gathered some top session musicians to record several batches of songs.

About this song… There once was a high school quarterback… He was the star on the field, the guy every girl wanted, the guitarist in the band. And then school was over, and he was never cool again. I knew a guy like that. I wrote this song about him. HOW COOL IS COOL is an upbeat, punchy song with darkish, ironic lyrics, on a pop-rock groove. 

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