Joel Nyman Paradise

Joel Nyman Paradise is an 80’s future vision. A skyline of popular culture, funky grooves and synth jazz lies beyond the horizon. Let’s go to funk city!

Album Cover: Welcome To Paradise

Tracks: Starlight Palace, Welcome To Paradise, Funky Finger, On The Go, Saturn Moon Shuffle & Land Of Past Present And Future.

Despite the name we have no particular band leader, the bass player thought the name went well with ”Paradise”.

We as a unit strive to develop Joel Nyman Paradises music and image within the realm of pop- and funk jazz, inspired by the 80’s and the era’s popular culture. We met back in 2014 but have played and performed on a regular basis for about a year and a half.

Our debut album Welcome To Paradise was released on February 22nd and we will revisit the studio on April 29th to record the next one!