Joe Pizzulo is an American vocalist best known as one of the lead singers on 1980s hit singles credited to Sérgio Mendes, including “Never Gonna Let You Go” (from Mendes’ self-titled 1983 album) and “Alibis” (from the 1984 album Confetti). Pizzulo has had several singles and soundtrack appearances, but he is also a prominent background singer for many artists.

All the Best – by Joe Pizzulo (re-recordings of his best-known songs were re-done by Pizzulo himself). Pizzulo’s voice tracks were done in the United States but the mixing and re-arranging was done in the Philippines through Alkemi Productions and Frederick Garcia, with recording artist, Nina.

Along with the members of the Passage band, these songs were reproduced late 2005. During his stay in the Philippines, he had a concert along with Teri DeSario, Nina and Passage.

Track list: I’m Never Gonna Give You Up, What Do We Mean to Each Other, Take This Love, Let’s Give a Little More This Time, Never Gonna Let You Go, What Do We Mean to Each Other, Rainbow’s End, The Prayer, Where are the Stars & Somewhere in Time.