Jay Graydon All Stars 20th Anniversary Edition

The Japan/Scandinavia Tours 1994 and 1996 with documentary bonus material

A 4 DVD box set, having a few flashbacks from the 1994 and 1996 actual concert footage, a fun and informational band reunion hang at Garden Rake Studios 20 years later, filmed by Todd Homme, and a lot of bonus material, such as for instance a complete explanation by Jay Graydon on how to play his “Peg” solo, as well as a very cool jam session in Jay’s garden from 1989 with great musicians, including Steve Lukather, and so much more.

Jay Graydon on this DVD release:

Hi everyone,
after at least a year and a half of working on the Jay Graydon All Stars 20th anniversary documentary DVD, we are finally finished! It is a 4-DVD format (near 4 hours). If you have not seen the trailer, here it is …

I spent much time remastering the audio of concert songs, etc. and it sounds so much better than before. Kerstin spent so many hours editing the video! She did a great job as you will see! The quality of some of the source footage is really low, especially from the 1996 tour and my birthday party, but Kerstin did her best to make the video look as good as possible. We decided on 4 DVD’s as to not compress any video again making it look as good as possible.

All materials have been sent to the pressing plant and I assume it will be around two weeks for CD BABY to start selling the product.

We are also working on licensing deals in other countries but that may take a while so for now the only place to get the package will be through this website/CD BABY.

The documentary footage was videoed in my studio by my good friend, Todd Homme (great guitarist). The documentary stuff is loaded with educational material, stories as to the concerts and recording of Jay Graydon – Airplay For The Planet and much more. There is also much very funny dialogue! The guys in the documentary are Bill Champlin (Chicago), Joseph Williams (Toto), Steve Porcaro (Toto), Bill Cantos, Ned Doheny, John Van Tongeren, and Jay Oliver. Sherwood Ball was also interviewed in his home in Florida. If you like, we could mention credits as to all of the guys that attended.

Music: The music was videoed in 1994 and 1996 from concerts in Japan, Sweden, and Norway. Some of the concert footage was released in 2007 BUT more music never before released is included in the bonus material section.

There is bonus material such as finally a full explanation of the guitar solo on the Steely Dan song “Peg”.

I was given a surprise birthday party on my 40th birthday (1989) and we have included some of the footage. I was “roasted” by Sterling Ball, Steve Lukather, David Foster, Tommy Tedesco, and others. Some of this is very funny! There is also music included from a “jam session” with solos played by Steve Lukather, Sherwood Ball, Jim Cox, and me never released before.

Please tell anyone you think may be interested and if you like go to my facebook page before and after the release. In closing, I hope all of you enjoy this stuff. – Jay

See more about the 2oth Anniversary release at the Jay Graydon website.


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