BGO Records release three albums with the Swedish guitarist Janne Schaffer from the period 1977-1980. The album “Katharsis”, “Earmeal” & “Presens” was released by CBS albums, and now available on a double CD, all material remastered.

  • Swedish guitarist extraordinaire Schaffer’s three CBS albums from 1977, 1979 and 1980
  • His career started as a session man, and he appeared on more than fifty of ABBA’s recordings. He also played with the likes of Bob Marley and Johnny Nash
  • His style on these recordings is a mix of jazz and fusion
  • ‘Earmeal’ features Toto’s Jeff Porcaro, amongst others, and was produced by Bruce Botnick
  • Schaffer continues to lead a hectic schedule of recording and gigging as well as being a member of the Electric Banana Band
  • Digitally remastered and slipcased
  • Extensive new notes


Disc One:


  1. Bromma Struttin’
  2. Stocking Suite
  3. The Blue Gate
  4. Dimbaa Jullow
  5. Ramsa
  6. Atlanta Inn 2419
  7. The Red Gate
  8. Wintergreen


  1. Hot Days And Summer Nights
  2. Happy Feet
  3. To A Beautiful Painter
  4. Bromma Express

Disc Two:

Earmeal (continued):

5. The Shrimp
6. Shrimp A La Carte
7. It’s Never Too Late
8. Oriental Sign
9. Frederick’s Place


  1. Mr Allansson Pickles
  2. The Tongue
  3. Neonmoisture
  4. March From Refresher Course
  5. Fata Morgana
  6. High Pitch
  7. Evening At Alex
  8. Open Eyes
  9. Diesire

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