Jann Klose released in february the title track from forthcoming studio album “Surrender”

Following on the success of recent singles “Sugar My” (which has been watched over 250,000 times on YouTube) and “Flesh and Blood,” Jann’s latest single is “Surrender.” WFUV’s Paul Cavalconte played the song and offered praise on air and on the show’s web page, “pop-savvy
songsmith Jann Klose.” Already, “Surrender” is confirmed to be played on a range of stations including SiriusXM’s Underground Garage, Neighborhood Weekly Radio, Radio Crystal Blue….

Jann delves into the inspiration and theme of the single, saying “’Surrender’ isn’t meant to be understood in the traditional sense, it doesn’t refer to ‘losing’ per se. Quite the opposite, it’s actually about winning! Winning, because there is enough strength inside to arrive at a point
of true peace. A ‘letting go’ of baggage and a new, different approach to love, connection and self-awareness that wasn’t present before.”

Alex Forbes (Taylor Dayne’s “Don’t Rush Me”), who co-write over half the songs on the Surrender album, sees the song about the choices we make as we navigate through life. “Will we keep on fighting, which ‘feeds the beast inside,’ or surrender to love, and go for the ride?

Can we actually ‘throw our weapons down’? At certain points, it truly feels like ‘do or die!’”

Jann has started to tour again and is adding new full band shows in South Africa, the U.S., Germany and Brazil this year. His recent singles have charted on Top 40 radio in South Africa and the U.S. with “Love You the Most” and “Sugar My” both breaking the MediaBase Top 40 Chart and his duet “Pour the Champagne” becoming a radio staple in South Africa.

Listen to “Surrender” here.


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