Words from Peter Mayer:

Talking about albums from waaaay back, we are excited to announce that an album I recorded with my brother Jim, Roger Guth, and a wonderful pianist, Ray Kennedy, is going to be released in March on CD in Japan, for distribution across the globe.

The album is called “In Common” and it was released in 1985 under the group name Left Lane. This album contains music that was the earliest release (besides a cassette called “To and From”) from Jim, Roger and me.

The music has jazz roots in its harmonic and melodic sense, heavily influenced by musicians such as Pat Metheny and some of the Jazz fusion artists of that time period.

It was released just several years before Roger, Jim and I went on to form the group PM and signed a record deal with Warner Bros. records.

One of the bonuses of this record is getting to hear the amazing artistry of the late Ray Kennedy, a brilliant pianist who was musical director and arranger for guitarist/ vocalist John Pizzarelli, and many other jazz greats through his years.

The CD will be released by the Japanese label P-Vine and is due to be available by mid March.

Tracklist (Time)
1. To And From (7:26)
2. Garden Wall (5:37)
3. In Common (6:43)
4. New Sun (5:20)
5. Alfred’s Book One (6:17)
6. Is It Really (6:55)
7. The Wanderer (5:25)

More information at the P-Vine website.