Canadian Progressive Rock band HUIS will release its third studio album, Abandoned, on May 1st, 2019.

Abandoned – From Album From Huis

Abandoned is a concept album talking of loss, abandonment and alienation.

Those songs are about mourning, separation, but also about rebirth, resilience and hope. Abandoned is the logical continuation of the band’s first two albums, Despite Guardian Angels (2014) and Neither in Heaven (2016).

While retaining the Huis’ sound, this third album explores new musical approaches.

Abandoned is produced by Huis bassist and songwriter Michel Joncas, with mixing duties provided by guitarist and songwriter Michel St-Pere (also from the band MYSTERY) at Studio Illusion 4, and mastering handled by Richard Addison at Trillium Sound in St-Hippolyte, Quebec.


Abandoned features singer-songwriter Sylvain Descoteaux, drummer-songwriter William-Régnier, guitarist-songwriter Michel St-Père, keyboardist-songwriter

Johnny Maz and bassist-songwriter and band founder Michel Joncas.

All five HUIS members also provided keyboard tracks for this second release.

HUIS is also joined on Abandoned by guest musicians/singers: Jean Pageau (MYSTERY) on flute, Gabby Vessoni (FLEESH) on vocals, Serge Locat (ex-Harmonium) on piano and Éloïse Joncas on vocals.


1. Abandoned

2. The Giant Awakens

3. Caducée

4. Stolen

5. Solilude

6. Chasing Morning Glory

7. Haunting Days

8. We Are Not Alone

9. Oude Kerk III

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