Holtsø & Wittrock
Side A: ”Holding On” / Side B: ”The Bright Side”

When was the last time you had a real 45-single between your hands?

That question was asked by Jes Holtsø and Morten Wittrock when it dawned on them that this year it is ten years since they released their very first single.

They mark the anniversary with the release of a 45-rev physical vinyl single. Why? Because the good old formats do not fail a shit.

The single consists of the number “Holding On” on the A-side and on the B-side “The Bright Side”.

“Holding On” features the musicians who have made a difference for the duo Holtsø & Wittrock through their musical decade.

It is guitarists Knud Møller and Jacob Rathje, a six-man choir consisting of Ivan Pedersen, Ester Brohus, Lei Moe, Sahra da Silva, Charlotte Vigel and Bossy Bo.

From the very beginning, these musicians have backed us up by participating in our releases, for which we are very grateful. Therefore, they should of course be part of our single anniversary release as well, says Morten Wittrock from the productive duo.

On the vinyl single’s two tracks, Holtsø & Wittrock move in the borderland between blues, soul and rock, which has become their trademark.

This time, however, with a slightly more organic and hand-played approach to the genres. With Holtsø’s distinct and expressive vocals in front and spiced with winds and the prominent choir, the single “Holding On” sets the bar high for the upcoming album.

If Jes Holtsø and Morten Wittrock had been a married couple, they could thus celebrate a tin wedding this year.

Despite a 15-year age difference and a completely different upbringing and background, the two still stick out, out and “on”.

After ten years, I think that we as a band have long ago proven our durability and existence. And at least I do not intend to move for the time being, says Jes Holtsø about the musical partnership with Morten Wittrock.

The B-side of the vinyl single is the song “The Bright Side”, which like the A-side is written by Morten Wittrock and Marcus Winther-John.

A song that is about blues does not necessarily have to be blue and sad. A blues song can easily be happy and cheerful.

The positive message is underlined by the American harmonica player, Charlie McCoy, who is not Mr. Anyone. He is in the US Hall of Fame and has, among other things, played with Bob Dylan, Dolly Parton and Elvis – just to name a few.

Holtsø & Wittrock’s upcoming album “Can’t Let Go” is their fifth album release in ten years. The album will be released in the fall.

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