The title of singer and songwriter Frank Hemmingsen’s new album release “Hold On To Love” say almost anything. Each of the ten tracks on the album revolves namely about love in all its many forms – both wrecked and the brand new, tender and exciting.

Hemmingsen teamed up with Australian singer Tania Doko, who has given the ten strong new songs vitality and extra life. “Hold On To Love” is released via DME on 16 September.


Australian Tania Doko involved in choir and a few duets, she is best known for the group Bachelor Girl, and behind the smash hit “Buses and Trains” from 1998.

The collaboration came about when Frank Hemmingsen took courage and approached the singer to ask if she wanted to participate in the album “Hold On To Love”. Tania Doko flew to Copenhagen and recorded vocals with Frank Hemmingsen in producer Ebbe Frey’s studio.

“After have listening to the songs, I could not say no to Frank’s request. The songs were simply so refreshing, honest and well-engineered, “says Tania Doko.

The music core of the new songs is still melodic pop with a big influence from the country and American west coast music, all in the best Hemmingsen style. Tania Dokos vocals are well in line with the country-twist as Frank Hemmingsen has added the new numbers and their voices complement each other more than well.

Hemming’s new album “Hold On To Love” is full of love and it is clear that the subject is the main thread of the album’s ten tracks. The 56-year-old musician has lately been through a divorce, but has also found love again and what can be felt. On the song “Someone” sings Hemmingsen example, about the only one not necessarily has to be the same always, but may change.


The song “Fooled Around” is dedicated to his new love and is partly a about how he met her just where he least expected it.

On the title track “Hold On To Love” sings Hemmingsen about exactly what the title suggests; to hold on to love – And although love can be difficult size, as Frank through a long life has had true, is his call to all; search it, it overcomes the most part and is lovely as it is, in all its many forms.

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