With Gardner & Fuller’s Original Demos, listeners are invited to immerse themselves into the compositions and production of outstanding songs created by the songwriting team of Cecily Gardner & Scott Fuller, featuring the silky vocals of the late Warren Wiebe.


This special collection of Gardner & Fuller’s original demos includes the songs Warren Wiebe contributed vocals to, as well as many other exceptional compositions from Cecily and Scott’s impressive songwriting portfolio.

It’s always fascinating when the songwriters are also the performers, as the listener is hearing the creation as close to the version that was conjured in the composer’s minds. Cecily’s splendid vocals along with Scott’s superb keyboards, programming, arrangements and production make this release another treasured Contante & Sonante jewel to enjoy and infinitely revisit.

Released by the Spanish label Contante & Sonante in a limited edition of only 1000 copies.

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